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Please take your time and fill out the following form to confirm your health status before you enter our studio.


We are excited to see your smiling faces again, however we respect that there are differing levels of comfort with this change.

Please note that at any given time there may be a service provider or guest that chooses to wear or not to wear a mask.

Please indicate to us your masking preference and we will be happy to accommodate.


The “Silent Appointment” is offered as an option when coming in for an appointment.

If you are interested in a silent appointment we will first meet with you for a audible consultation about your specific needs for this appointment before then launching into quiet mode for the remainder of our time together.

In your screening questions please identify if you would prefer this option. 


Please review our appointment expectations and studio protocols at the bottom of the page.


We will continue to follow all public health guidelines.

By doing so we wish to create a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience for all who enter our space.






Appointment Date*

Please keep in mind that as service providers we work in close proximity to the public, if you are sick or have any covid-19 symptoms please consider rescheduling your appointment within our 24 hour cancellation policy.

Do you declare that you are feeling well enough to visit the studio?*

Would you like this to be a Silent Appointment ?

Will you be wearing a mask?*

Would you prefer your service provider to wear a mask?*

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our form!

Appointment ExpectationS

Please wait outside/in your car until your appointment time
Use the hand sanitizer station upon entry into the studio
Visitors with appointments only please
The fewer personal items the better
Masks are optional. Please indicate preference in pre appt. screening.
Sit back and enjoy your well-deserved appointment

STUDIO Protocols To Keep You Safe

Masks are no longer mandatory for guests or service providers
Service providers may wear a mask and face shield
Service Provider will wash hands thoroughly between each appointment
All tools will be cleaned and disinfected between each and every client
All chairs and stations will be disinfected between each and every client
Service Provider will be sanitizing their hands every time they step away from the station
We will be keeping up to date with current guidelines and protocols
Pre Appt. screening must be completed by all who enter our space
The service provider will stay at home and be tested if experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19


Our award-winning hair stylists are at your service!

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